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A GE community for teachers, by teachers. Search and upload tricks, hints, ideas, uses, and kmz files for your class.
Excellent resource for help, kmz files, discussions, etc. Includes monthly archives going back to August 2005.
A forum with many Google Earth KMZ & KML files linked to discussion groups about them.
This is an incredible site. If you can't find it here, it probably won't be found.
Google Lit Trips
Google History Tours – Two Pennsylvania CFF coaches started a wiki to promote the use of Google Earth in Social Studies classrooms
Great site to see and download lessons in Google Earth for math
Great search for KMZ & KML files but has some questionable content.
(Might not be appropriate for students)
A teachers site with many links and ideas
Some Lessons plans using Google earth
Has some good KMZ & KML files

Online Google Moon
Travel the world, virtually.
More kmz files to be searched. -
Blog, Video, Photos and KML files follow a man hiking the Greatwall for 9 months.

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A "Jog the Web" to help you learn how to use Google Earth (Thanks to Jason Heiser)
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More GE help, including discussion threads. -
Video on adding HTML to Place Marks

Links to specific subject area KMZ & KML files below
science_gif_this_one.GIF Weather tools Cloud map overlay Live hurricane mapping Tsunami lesson Dec. 26, 2004

Social_studies_this_one.JPG Lewis and Clark trip Drake's trip Lesson idea on the Diamond Trade History trips live tracking of Tour de France Follow the Olympic Torch

English_this_one.JPG Literature- Check out The Grapes of Wrath, The Kiterunner, or The Odyssey A fictionalized sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird done by students in CA (not in GE)

math_this_one.JPG - Collection of math lessons in Google Earth Geometry lesson

Exchange Rate Problems_1.kmz - Foreign Exchange Worksheet-1.doc Exchange Rate

231542-MathsinMadrid.kmz Math in Madrid X-TREME Geometry - Intense Right Triangles