Advanced Math

X-TREME Geometry - Intense Right Triangles -
Google Earth Math Equation.doc -Example Worksheet for Intense Right Triangles
Google Earth Math Equation_answers.doc - Worksheet answers


Using shapes around the globe to do geometry - 754264-Geometry.kmz
GeometryLesson-Answers.doc - Answers

Basic Math

Circle Generator - Change to "Decimal Degrees" for Latitude & Longitude in Google Earth ("Tools", "Options" then click 3D View then choose Decimal Degrees under the "Show Lat/Long" section.

Answers - Google Earth Scavenger Hunt.kmz
Answer the Math Scavenger Hunt here.
Questions - Google Earth Scavenger Hunt.kmz
Exchange Rate - Exchange Rate Problems_1.kmz - Foreign Exchange Worksheet-1.doc

Math in Madrid - 231542-MathsinMadrid.kmz