Social Studies

My Sample Google Docs Presentation - Kings_GE_Presentation.kmz

History Tours - History Tours is a site for collaboration between teachers. The site is FREE to join and use and was created by two CFF coaches from Pennsylvania.
Below are two examples that came off the History Tours wiki.
- 5 themes tour of Lewisburg - This is a tour of Lewisburg, PA using the 5 themes of geography. The tour has many interactive features integrated into this tour. Check this one out to see how you and your students can take your tours to the next level. This is our first geography tour.
- Example of a students work - A student in Mr. Heinrich's History class at Greater Johnstown High School in Johnstown, PA created this tour highlighting the major events of the Civil War. A big thanks to GJSD for sharing.

Google Historical Voyages And Events.

More great Google Earth Lessons - Make 2D, 3D and Charts on country statistics from around the world - - Great site to follow the events as you use this Google Earth file lewis_and_clark_expedition.kmz
Francis Drake the first man to sail around ("Circumnavigate") the entire world. DRAKE.kmz - Google Earth file to be used with the above website were you
can find worksheets, lesson plans etc.

Fall of USSR.kmz - Example for Modern World Cultures

Government_Trip Rice_November 5_9.kmz - Example for Government

Here, beneath the northern French town of Arras, years of careful excavation have finally unveiled the secret city where 25,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers lived just yards beneath an unsuspecting enemy. Canteens, chapels, power stations, a light railway and even a fully functioning hospital were all established in this chilly labyrinth where I am standing with freezing water dripping on my head.
- Tunnels in France during WWI - Page about the Tunnels and Museum

- Aerial pic during attack from Japanese airplane

- Pearl Harbor